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Detox Yoga

Detox Yoga

The human body has a sophisticated way of regenerating itself on a regular basis. Though, a detox yoga class enhances the body’s natural detoxification processes and provides beneficial effects to your entire system. You'll release physical and mental tensions and among other physical benefits improve the circulation and stimulate the digestive system. So if you feel stressed and wired or stressed and tired, a detox class will refresh and rejuvenate you entirely, simultaneously calm down your mind.

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Detox Yoga
  • 30min Detox Yoga Flow with Antonina (english)

    In this Yoga sequence you will be practicing twists, that are stimulating and help us activate the detoxing process in our body. When we twist, we are squeezing and contracting the abdominal organs, kidneys and the liver. When coming out of our twist, fresh blood can flow into those areas.

  • 32min Detox Pranayama with Michael (english)

    This is a short practice of Yoga Therapy. We will be focussing on detoxifying the organs. In order to that we are using a lot of twists and different types of pranayama.