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On Demand

On Demand

We are offering a lot of movement and full body workout classes, varying from Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Gong Bath, Meditation, Mindful Body to creative fusions containing bits of everything. Drawing upon a pool of diverse holistic well-being methods, our experienced teachers unite traditional and modern approaches. While each class is unique, BODY CONCEPT’s utmost interests are to unleash your inner strength and to upgrade your physical and mental health.

Every level, every ONE, and every BODY is welcome to move with us.

On Demand
  • Beginner
    51 items


    51 items

    Movement is for everyONE and everyBODY! Whether you are young or in your golden age, overweight or skinny, complete beginner or super-advanced these classes enliven and strengthen the physical body and calm the mind at the same time. You will connect your body with your mind and breath. Have fun ...

  • Short Fitness Workouts

    21 items

    We want to provide you here with a selection of short online workouts to strengthen your body at home. From Full Body Workouts to classes targeted at specific body part - there is something for everyone. This collection is for those who don’t have lots of time for their practice and want to quick...

  • Morning Series

    11 items

    Wake up and start into the day feeling energized and fully in your body with this Morning Series. From Wake Up Yoga, to Wake Up Meditation, Morning Barre Workout, Morning Kundalini Yoga, Morning Pilates and Mindful Body, there's something for every day of the week.

  • Mindful Body

    33 items

    Mindful Body is a holistic body and mind workout experience. Strength, cardio, mobility and coordination exercises are deliberately synchronized with active meditations, mindful movement and prayers. To strengthen and relax your mind in a positive way, the Mindful Body teachers continuously remin...

  • Yoga
    32 items


    32 items

    The YOGA FLOWS are athletic and vinyasa based classes to increase your physical and mental strength. You will tone your major muscles, improve your flexibility and calm your mind at the same time. Combining breath, physical movement and the practice of Yoga asanas, the YOGA FLOWS vary from Mornin...

  • Pilates
    6 items


    6 items

    To exercises the Pilates method in a proper manner means to work the entire system with all of its components. The exercises of the online pilates workouts will straighten, strengthen and stretch your body and will also focus your mind. Working with certain principles like the breath, concentrati...

  • Stretching

    8 items

    The Yoga Stretching classes are designed to stretch the muscles. Working on the elongation of the muscles will increases the blood flow and circulation in certain body parts, which positively affects your brain and boosts the mood as well. Getting into nice stretching poses will ease any physical...

  • Meditation

    13 items

    Meditation is the practice of focused concentration. If you’re looking for a meditation to destress, restore physically, mentally and emotionally, then enjoy one of our various meditation classes. All of them will stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system supporting the entire body to dive dee...

  • Yoga für totale Beginner

    3 items

    In this series you will be working on the basics to start your yoga practice. If you are a total beginner, then these videos with a slow and easily understandable guidance ist exactly the right thing for you to step onto your yoga path.

  • Barre
    13 items


    13 items

    The full body barre workout of isometric movements, low-impact and cardio exercises will strengthen, tone and definitely sculpt your major muscle groups, shaping your physical body from the inside out. The fast pace of the online barre class will increase the heart rate and burn calories not only...

  • Gongbaths & Soundhealing

    8 items

    Get lost in a Gong Bath and eventually find yourself in a physical relaxation and restorative state of mind. The Gong's vibrational waves pour into space, launching an ocean of healing sounds. You’re able to immerse and dive deep into it, which allows the mind to calm down, reflect and process th...

  • My Daily 16

    7 items

    In her DAILY 16, Verena will show you quick, simple and effective flows which will stregthen and tone your physical body and boost your mood and energy level in a healthy way. Break a sweat and feel fit and strong afterwards.

  • Yoga Therapy

    6 items

    The teachings of Yoga Therapy align yoga traditions with western medicine. You will profit from a deliberate compound of yoga postures, breath work, relaxation techniques and guided meditations, which will facilitate healing on a multi-dimensional manner. A Yoga Therapy class promotes a physical ...

  • Body Shape

    5 items

    Body Shape is an optimal full-body workout for beginners and advanced practitioners. The purpose of this class is to activate and stabilize your body, gain muscular strength, joint mobility and cardiovascular stamina. To get strong, fit and healthy you only need your own body weight and disciplin...

  • Vinyasa Yoga

    16 items

    Find your perfect vinyasa yoga flow. Vinyasa is a style of yoga that is defined by yoga postures that are linked together using conscious breath. That way you flow from one asana into another, just like a dance. This is perfect to get your heart rate going and work on your physical strength. Viny...

  • Morning Yoga

    8 items

    In the Morning Yoga Flow classes you’ll move through energizing sun salutations, full-body stretches and invigorating twists. It will wake you up, active your entire body from the inside out and ensure a mindful presence for the day. Morning Yoga is for beginners and advanced practitioners.

  • Detox Yoga

    2 items

    The human body has a sophisticated way of regenerating itself on a regular basis. Though, a detox yoga class enhances the body’s natural detoxification processes and provides beneficial effects to your entire system. You'll release physical and mental tensions and among other physical benefits im...

  • Focus Series

    7 items

    The title says it all. In the focus classes you’re going to pay attention to strengthen, tone and sculpt the body from the inside out. So putting certain body areas at the centre of interest and activity, you’re going to profit from a physical and mental transformation, visible from the outside a...

  • Budokon Yoga

    3 items

    Budokon Yoga is a physically demanding yoga style consisting of slow and controlled movements. Flowing from one posture to the other, you will be in a fluid-like full body state of motion, almost dancing on the mat. This mindful process of transitions and movements will improve concentration, foc...

  • Yin Yoga / Restore & Relax

    3 items

    De-stress and recharge in stillness! Yin Yoga is a passive and very slow-paced practice. This style of yoga targets the joints, the deep connective tissues of the muscles and the fascia throughout the body. Holding the Yin poses between 2 to 5 minutes, invites you to check in and explore your bod...

  • Asana Breakdown

    3 items

    In this Breakdown Asana Sequences, we will show you how to get safely into certain yoga postures. We will break down the asana with a step by step approach, verbally guiding you through the proper physical alignments, starting at the setup and further leading you into the final asana. By learning...

  • Physical Strength

    27 items

    Working on your „physical strength“ starts with a strong powerhouse. It is also known as the center of strength which consists of the collective muscles of your abdominals, glutes (your buttock muscles) and lower back muscles. In this classes you will especially recruit, activate and engage your ...