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The title says it all. In the focus classes you’re going to pay attention to strengthen, tone and sculpt the body from the inside out. So putting certain body areas at the centre of interest and activity, you’re going to profit from a physical and mental transformation, visible from the outside and especially perceptible on the inside. Stick to a regular „Focus“ practice regimen and you’ll see great results very soon.

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  • MINDFUL BODY Guided Morning Meditation

    What an amazing way to start your day! Invest 10 minutes of your day and join Verena on this guided MINDFUL BODY Meditation Journey.

  • MINDFUL BODY Energy Boost

    Feel the energy sparking inside. You can do this class whenever you need a litte pick me up. Join Verena for an amazing 20min Energy Boost!

  • 15 min Focus Fullbody Stretching with Verena (english)

    Whether you are looking for lower back stretches, neck excercises, shoulder stretches or flexibility exercises: This fullbody stretching workout leaves nothing to be desired. Included yoga for flexibility makes the dynamic stretching lesson even more powerful! From leg, forearm and upper body str...

  • 14 min Focus Core Ab Workout with Verena (english)

    Discover in our online video great ab exercises and a core workout that will challenge you. Our abdominal exercises are suitable for both beginners and fitness pros. They help you maintain a good posture and even eliminate back pain. Enjoy a 14 minute full ab workout for your core abs - including...

  • 10min Focus Glutes-Booty with Verena (english)

    In this Focus video you'll be working on your glutes. No equipment needed.

  • 14min Focus Shavasana with Verena (english)

    Savasana also called corpse pose is an active meditative posture, in which you lie on your back inviting calmness and total relaxation into your entire system. Make yourself comfortable on your mat and follow Verena’s verbal scan through your body which gently leads to a soothed body and a settle...

  • 9min Focus Arms with Verena (english)

    Today we focus on toning these beautiful arms and shoulders. Everything you need is yourself and your mat.

  • 13min Focus inner&outer thighs with Verena (english)

    In this Focus video we are working with the outer and inner thighs.