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Morning Yoga

Morning Yoga

In the Morning Yoga Flow classes you’ll move through energizing sun salutations, full-body stretches and invigorating twists. It will wake you up, active your entire body from the inside out and ensure a mindful presence for the day. Morning Yoga is for beginners and advanced practitioners.

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Morning Yoga
  • Morning Yoga with Ulrike (26.10.23 - english)

    Join Ulrike as she leads you through a rejuvenating session with a special focus on your hands and feet. This class is designed to awaken these often-neglected parts of your body, leaving you feeling energized and ready to conquer the day. You will be guided through gentle movements to activate y...

  • Morning Yoga - Neck, Head, Shoulder Focus with Ulrike (10.08.2023- english)

    Start your day with intention in this 60 minutes Morning Yoga class, focusing on your neck, head, jaw, and shoulders. Dive into a practice that targets every corner of tension, bringing you both relief and strength. In this session, Ulrike will guide you through mindful movements that release the...

  • 22min Morning Yoga Slow Flow - with Marietta (english)

    22 minutes of Morning Yoga Slow Flow with Marietta to start into your day in calming way. This class offers you mindful centering and strengthening for the entire body. Level: Intermediate

  • 20min Morning Yoga Wake Up Flow - with Antonina (english)

    This "wake up flow“ is a great opportunity to get the day started, feeling your absolute best. Adding these yoga movements to your daily routine is an incredible way to set positive intentions for whatever comes along and is ahead. Be ready to energize the body, to refresh the mind and lift up th...

  • 30min Morning Yoga Stretch & Tone - with Antonina (english)

    Antonina will guide you through a quick, but intense „stretch & tone“ series. The first part of the sequence focuses on static and dynamic movements to warm up the body. After heating up the system from the inside out and toning the big muscle groups, the body will be ready to enjoy deep stretch...

  • 21min Morning Yoga Energy Flow - with Antonina (english)

    This 21 minute Energy Flow is all about activating and freeing the body from any dragging, tired and fatigue sensation. Moving and stretching in all the directions possible refreshes the body on the physical and mental level. Be ready to connect with yourself, to boost your mood, feeling recharge...

  • 43 min Morning Yoga Flow with Antonina (english)

    Get into a new morning routine by energizing your body with the right movement. Antonina will guide you through an energizing morning yoga flow. If you want prepare two blocks for this practice.

  • 49 min Morning Yoga Flow with Sophia (english)

    Yoga in the morning will not only make you feel awake faster, your spine will thank you for it! Feel how your body warms up and you can slowly bring movement into stiff joints. Our online class combines a morning workout routine for wake up yoga that makes you feel full of energy, happy and peace...