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Watch PRENATAL MEDITATION "Raise Your Energy & Feel Good"

Watch PRENATAL MEDITATION "Raise Your Energy & Feel Good"

PRENATAL MEDITATION "Raise Your Energy & Feel Good"

Prenatal Program • 8m 26s

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    Todays prenatal meditation is about trust & connecting with your baby.
 You know you can either live in trust or in fear. Both at the same time is nearly impossible.
    So let go and trust yourself and the universe.

  • PRENATAL MEDITATION "Accept Change, L...

    In this prenatal meditation I invite you to accept and surrender into change.
    I know change can be scary because it is different, it is new, … and it doesn't feel save. But change is a part of life. It is a part of you and that amazing miracle happing.

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    In this interview with sexologist Katharina Köberl we talk about the connections of pregnancy, birth, sexuality and shame.
    Get comfortable and grab your favorite drink of choice or listen to it on the go.
    If you would like to work with Kathi or simply connect with her you can find her here: www.s...