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Weekly Schedule

Weekly Schedule

FOCUS OF THE WEEK: Increase your flexibility to deal with life’s ambiguity.
This last week of the year, from the 27th December to the 2nd of January, you’ll be able to explore your flexibility from the inside out. The yoga flows, certain asanas and movements will support you to open up mindfully and create more space in the entire body. Increased flexibility makes it easier to move your joints in a normal direction with less effort, less muscle tension, less pain and stress. You’ll increase the physical range of motion, become more flexible and ultimately feel good, strong and confident in your body and on the mental level. Always make sure you’re warming up your body first, and then start stretching.

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Weekly Schedule
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  • 21 min Sound Healing Gong Bath with Zisana (english)

    Gong baths are a type of inactive meditation, where you “bathe” in the healing vibrational sound. Our sound therapist Zisana guides you through an outstanding experience where you can let go of everything that is weighing you down. Those sounds for yoga and meditation will heal your soul and fill...

  • 26min Mindful Body - Inner Balance with Marietta (english)

    This 25 minute online workout class is part of the Mindful Body Mini Series. In a shorter version of our signature class you will be supported to find inner balance. The intention of this class is to create an equilibrium between the left and right side, the feminine and masculine quality within ...

  • 38 min Flexibility Flow with Antonina

    In this flexibility flow, Antonina will guide you through a vinyasa-based class consisting of stretching elements. You will be able to explore and break down certain asanas which will open up and mindfully create more space in the entire body. You’ll increase the range of motion, become more flex...

  • 35min Budokon Basics Two - Strength And Balance with Elisabeth (english)

    For an even deeper experience, you may open the following link, which will lead you to a beautiful compilation of tracks. The yoga flow will be in sync with breath, sound and movement.

  • 45 min Barre Full Body with Alyssa (english)

    Extended 45 minutes Barre workout. Train your full body to get fit and strong. You will need a chair, a pilates ball and optionally some weights. Enjoy the sweat!

  • 35 min Body Shape Cardio with Conny (german)