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What's New

Find here our new professionally recorded classes.

What's New
  • 10min Barre Focus Firm Arms & Abs - with Alyssa (english)

    A great Barre class for a quick toning of the arms and waist. Weights are recommended but not necessary. Also good for a quick lunch break movement !

  • 23min Kundalini Yoga Meditation for Clarity & Alignment - with Kathrin (english)

    The emotional scale is large and expansive and has all of the human emotions on it. You're not always going to be in the love, bliss and abundant high vibrational emotions, but finding ways to slow down and center yourself allows you to send love to those lower vibrational emotions, heal the root...

  • 22min Energizing Pilates Morning Wakeup Call - with Ulrike (english)

    Start your day with a dynamic 22 minutes Pilates Mat class to wake up your body and be ready for whatever your day might bring. After a short warmup, we move our whole body and target all the areas that might be still asleep. This morning sequence is like an Espresso, you will feel fresh and full...

  • 22min Mindful Body Morning Activation - with Marietta (english)

    A deliberate short Mindful Body class to prepare you for the upcoming day.
    This class incorporates a Hiit workout, mindfulness movement and moments of rest to check in and integrate. All levels welcome

  • 9min Kundalini Yoga Basics Breath of Fire - with Katrin (english)

    Breath of Fire is one of the most important breathing exercises used in Kundalini Yoga. It involves passive inhales and active exhales that are quick and powerful. As a form of breath control, this breathing technique is associated with stress relief. The primary goal of practicing breath of fire...

  • 17min Energy Rise Meditation - with Marietta (english)

    This 17 minute meditation will energize your nervous system and prepare you for a radiant day.

  • 22min Morning Yoga Slow Flow - with Marietta (english)

    22 minutes of Morning Yoga Slow Flow with Marietta to start into your day in calming way. This class offers you mindful centering and strengthening for the entire body. Level: Intermediate

  • 7min Kundalini Yoga Basics Stretch Pose - with Kathrin (english)

    Stretch pose is an incredible posture in Kundalini Yoga to boost your overall health and self-esteem by activating your third chakra or solar plexus. Although it can be challenging, this posture resets the entire nervous system through a combination of Breath of Fire and strong posture to strengt...

  • 11min Barre Focus Booty Burn - with Alyssa (english)

    A quick 10 min booty and abs workout that will leave you feeling fit in all the right places. Feel free to repeat twice for extra burn!

  • 24min Good Morning Barre - with Alyssa (english)

    A refreshing Barre workout that has just enough intensity for a strong start to the morning. Focused on lengthening and strengthening. A chair, table, or barre is recommended.

  • 33min Full Body Barre - with Alyssa (english)

    A 33min fast paced full body workout that is great at anytime. A chair, table or barre is recommended. Strengthen and tone your muscles and get your sweat going.

  • 26min Kundalini Yoga Wake Up Set - with Kathrin (english)

    This is the perfect Kundalini practice to being your day. The navel center controls the entire pranic system. When the navel is balanced and energized, the entire system comes into balance. This short and energizing Kriya does just that….it brings your entire system into balance. Consider startin...

  • 20min Morning Yoga Wake Up Flow - with Antonina (english)

    This "wake up flow“ is a great opportunity to get the day started, feeling your absolute best. Adding these yoga movements to your daily routine is an incredible way to set positive intentions for whatever comes along and is ahead. Be ready to energize the body, to refresh the mind and lift up th...

  • 22 minutes MINDFUL BODY - Wake up with me with Verena (english)

    Join me in this energizing morning Mindful Body class and start the day with a happy heart and an amazing mood. Dynamic Full Body workout to wake up the entire system

  • 33min Pilates Abs & Glutes Focus - with Ulrike (english)

    This 33 minutes Pilates sequence has its focus on glutes and abs. Up to you, practice it once during the day, to wake up in the morning or as a balance to your working day in the evening. Wanna take a challenge? Then go for working it twice in a row and get the full effect of a dynamic workout.

  • 21min Morning Yoga Energy Flow - with Antonina (english)

    This 21 minute Energy Flow is all about activating and freeing the body from any dragging, tired and fatigue sensation. Moving and stretching in all the directions possible refreshes the body on the physical and mental level. Be ready to connect with yourself, to boost your mood, feeling recharge...

  • 36min Yoga Basics für eine gute Balance - mit Jürgen (german)

    In dieser 36 Minuten Klasse üben wir hilfreiche Yoga Basics für eine gute Balance, einen aufrechten und sicheren Stand mit besonderem Fokus auf eine gesunde Wirbelsäule in den einzelnen Positionen.

    Was ist noch dabei?
    Koordination, Muskelaufbau, mehr Sicherheit und Beweglichkeit im Alltag, gute...

  • 28min Yoga für innere Ruhe, Kraft & Ausgeglichenheit - mit Jürgen (german)

    26 Minuten Yoga für innere Ruhe, Kraft und Ausgeglichenheit bietet dir eine abwechslungsreiche und meditative Übungsabfolge, mit der du Stabilität für deinen ganzen Körper und auch Ruhe und Kraft für deinen Geist zurückgewinnst.

    Was ist noch dabei?
    Metta Meditation - sie hilft dir einen guten F...

  • 29min Yoga für einen glücklichen Rücken mit Jürgen (german)

    Jürgen begleitet dich durch 30 Minuten Yoga. Diese Klasse ist für absolute Beginner. Hüften wie Honig für mehr Wohlbefinden im Rücken. Übungen mit Fokus auf Hüftmobilität und Hüftstabilität.

  • Morning Series

    11 items

    Wake up and start into the day feeling energized and fully in your body with this Morning Series. From Wake Up Yoga, to Wake Up Meditation, Morning Barre Workout, Morning Kundalini Yoga, Morning Pilates and Mindful Body, there's something for every day of the week.

  • Short Fitness Workouts

    21 items

    We want to provide you here with a selection of short online workouts to strengthen your body at home. From Full Body Workouts to classes targeted at specific body part - there is something for everyone. This collection is for those who don’t have lots of time for their practice and want to quick...

  • Yoga für totale Beginner

    3 items

    In this series you will be working on the basics to start your yoga practice. If you are a total beginner, then these videos with a slow and easily understandable guidance ist exactly the right thing for you to step onto your yoga path.

  • Prenatal Program

    24 items

    Hi Beautiful Mama and welcome to your prenatal movement & mindfulness journey.
    I created this program to support you and give you all the tools that you might need on your individual path into motherhood.

    I know this journey is not always easy, a rollercoaster of emotions filled with change, fe...