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7 Days for Happiness

7 Days for Happiness

We composed this series of classes especially for you.
7 days to move into happiness. It is a mix of our signature class Mindful Body, Stretching and Yoga Flows. We selected classes that help you release stress, stretch and detox your body to make you feel good. All you need is 30 minutes a day and an open heart.
See you on the mat :)

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7 Days for Happiness
  • 26min Mindful Body - Release with Verena (english)

    Looking for mindful moments? We combine the best aspects of yoga, meditation and fitness in one class - Mindful Body. It's however much more. Through our bodies we can connect with our minds and work on deeper levels. Release withheld emotions and understand how strong and perfect you are. Join o...

  • 38 min Feel Good Yoga Flow with Verena (english)

    Yoga is the journey of the self, through itself, to itself. Join our gentle flow yoga online class now and learn how to become a happier person. Yoga strengthens your mental health and helps with anxiety. It makes you concentrate better and learn more efficiently. If you practice yoga frequently,...

  • 47 min Mindful Body Cardio Online Workout with Verena (english)

    Let's move, breathe, sweat and feel good! This is a great way to work on your fitness and cardio without leaving your own four walls. Discover our effective online full body cardio exercises at home. It's a hiit workout that combines a happy cardio dance with yoga and sweaty exercises that will s...

  • 15 min Focus Fullbody Stretching with Verena (english)

    Whether you are looking for lower back stretches, neck excercises, shoulder stretches or flexibility exercises: This fullbody stretching workout leaves nothing to be desired. Included yoga for flexibility makes the dynamic stretching lesson even more powerful! From leg, forearm and upper body str...

  • 6min Meditation for Mindful Awareness with Verena (english)

    This is a short online meditation class guided by Verena to connect you with Mindful Awareness within and around you. Take this short break to come back to your center and feel grounded again.

  • 23min Mindful Body - Inner Peace with Marietta (english)

    Join Marietta for the Mindful Body Mini Series. Short online mindfulness exercises help you to find peace. These 20 minutes invite you to slow down, reconnect, bring all the awareness inside and to listen to whatever is needed today.
    Mindful Body
    mindful movement

  • 26min Yoga Therapy Cleansing with Michael (english)

    In this class with the focus on "cleansing" we're going to empty the lungs out of stale air and squeeze through the abdominals to clear all the toxins out of the organs.

  • 27min Mindful Body - Self Love & Happiness with Verena (english)

    Mindful Body is a holistic body and mind workout experience. It combines the positive aspects of yoga such as balance and flexibility with meditation, yoga breathing, teaches of self respect, strength and forgiving yourself. We awaken the positive thoughts within you so you feel fitter, better an...