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Each kundalini class begins with a chant and is followed up by a warm up exercise .
The central part of the sessions are the kriyas, which combine postures and breathing techniques and end with a meditation.
The yogic techniques you will learn in class will allow you to change your negative psycho-emotional states into positive ones. This will allow you to be more productive and, as a consequence, even more successful in your life!

To feel, you have to try yourself.

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  • Kundalini Yoga - Needs vs Wants with Ksenia (english)

    [START AT: 18:40]
    Explore the difference of what you need and what you want. Ksenia will guide you through intense energetic practices to clear the body and the mind. After some practice you will go into breath retention.

  • Kundalini Yoga Exploring Sacredness with Ksenia (14.02 - english)

    [START AT: 19:10]
    This practice starts with being yourself in full presence, doing nothing, thinking nothing. It's about coming into a state of reception. You will then comtemplate, what is sacred to you, followed by a dynamic sequence of Kundalini Kriyas.

  • Kundalini Yoga - Planting Seeds for a new Cycle with Ksenia (24.02 - english)

    [START AT: 17:00]
    Gather all the resources back to yourself and plant the seeds for the next month. Feel what kind of seeds you want to plant and where you want to direct your energy. Contemplate what your soul is calling for in this next cycle.

  • Instant Relax Meditation & Gong Bath with Zisana (english)

    Zisana invites you to find, activate and connect with your inner peace which is directly related to your breath. The active mediation at the beginning of the class is combined with a special pranayama breathing technique. It will warm up the body from the inside out, hence allows the body to open...

  • Kundalini Yoga - Tracking Patterns with Ksenia (10.02 - english)

    [START AT: 16:40]

    This class is about reflecting through movement and awareness. See it as a school of observation to see why you are crossing your own boundaries, why you are taking the easy way, why you are struggling etc. With this practice you can track you patterns, that you developed throu...

  • Kundalini Yoga - Knowing Yourself with Ksenia (07.02 - english)

    [START AT: 29:35]

    As always, you will slowly and softly arrive in this practice and into your body with breath and attention. In the beginning Ksenia teaches you a Trauma release exercise. You will then do exercises that move the energy in the body.

  • Instinctual Kundalini Yoga with Ksenia (28.02. english)

    [START AT: 17:05]

    Start by lying down to allow your psyche to fully settle down. The class starts with breathing consciously to arrive in the body continued by the practice of the Breath of Fire. Ksenia teaches you Kriyas for the Instinctual Self and Ancestor's work.

  • Full Moon Kundalini Yoga with Ksenia (english) 07.03

    [START AT: 21:00]

    Special Full Moon Class with Ksenia to let go of old patterns and behavioral structures that limits you and weighs you down. What is it that you still need to let go of? Whom do you need to forgive? How can you open yourself completely?

  • Well-Being Kundalini Yoga with Ksenia (03.03 - english)

    [START AT: 16:50]

    This class starts with a chant, followed by a detoxifying breath and breath retentions followed by different Kundalini exercises. Ksenia gently guides you through the exercises.