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Mindful Body

Mindful Body

Mindful Body is a holistic body and mind workout experience. Strength, cardio, mobility and coordination exercises are deliberately synchronized with active meditations, mindful movement and prayers. To strengthen and relax your mind in a positive way, the Mindful Body teachers continuously remind you of your unshakeable superpowers that are existing within. Creating a beautiful and honest relationship to yourself and cultivating self-love are just a few of many beneficial facets of this empowering full body experience. This mindful workout weaves together fitness, movement and meditation.
Don't be distracted by the Teacher being the DJ as well, having the cellphone close to play music for an overall inspiring and motivating atmosphere.
Make sure to join our live online mindfulness sessions as well.

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Mindful Body
  • 60min Mindful Body Soft with Verena (english)

    This class is a softer version of our Mindful Body Original. It is an online workout that allows you to soften into your body, mind and soul. Try to move however it feels good for you. We are only as strong as our weakest part, so try to start there today. Move from a place of love instead of a p...

  • 23min Mindful Body - Inner Peace with Marietta (english)

    Join Marietta for the Mindful Body Mini Series. Short online mindfulness exercises help you to find peace. These 20 minutes invite you to slow down, reconnect, bring all the awareness inside and to listen to whatever is needed today.
    Mindful Body
    mindful movement

  • 47 min Mindful Body Cardio Online Workout with Verena (english)

    Let's move, breathe, sweat and feel good! This is a great way to work on your fitness and cardio without leaving your own four walls. Discover our effective online full body cardio exercises at home. It's a hiit workout that combines a happy cardio dance with yoga and sweaty exercises that will s...

  • 75min Mindful Body with Nina (english)

    75 minutes with our amazing Nina. She will guide you safely through this class. Allow yourself to feel, strengthen, sweat and let go.

  • 60min Mindful Body with Marietta (english)

    Looking for mindful movement? We combine the best aspects of yoga, meditation and fitness in one online exercise class - Mindful Body. It's however much more. Through our bodies we can connect with our minds and work on deeper levels. Release withheld emotions and understand how strong and perfec...

  • 66min Mindful Body with Sara (english)

    This class gives you the opportunity to meet you where you're at. You don't need to prove anything to anyone. Move your body in a mindful way and nourish your mind with moments of presence.

  • 75min Mindful Body Soul Workout with Ramona (english)

    Let this be everything that you want. It can be a simple workout or something for your heart and soul. Try to connect as often as you can with your heart & your body to feel what is there and what you need.

  • 60min Mindful Body with Clara (english)

    Move with Clara in this Mindful Body class. The intention for this practice is JOY. Remember to move in your own pace and listen to your body. Always take care of yourself. You'll find the joy inside of you.

  • 75min Mindful Body with Olivia (english)

    This is a 75 minute Mindful Body class to move and feel your body and connect yourself with your center and your heart. This is more than just another Online Workout. This class offers you strong but mindful movements and moments of stillness to really gift yourself with what you need most.