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Featured Carousel

Featured Carousel
  • Weekly Live Classes

    37 items

    Join us for our Live classes, professionally streamed from our studio in Vienna.

  • Body Concept Image Movie

    Mindful Body has an holistic approach, which focuses on strengthening the entire body and its connection to the mind. Cardio, mobility and coordination exercises are deliberately synchronized with active meditations and prayers. To boost the mindset in a positive way, the Mindful Body teachers co...

  • Short Fitness Workouts

    21 items

    We want to provide you here with a selection of short online workouts to strengthen your body at home. From Full Body Workouts to classes targeted at specific body part - there is something for everyone. This collection is for those who don’t have lots of time for their practice and want to quick...

  • Morning Series

    11 items

    Wake up and start into the day feeling energized and fully in your body with this Morning Series. From Wake Up Yoga, to Wake Up Meditation, Morning Barre Workout, Morning Kundalini Yoga, Morning Pilates and Mindful Body, there's something for every day of the week.

  • New Classes

    16 items

    Explore our newly recorded On Demand Classes here. We'll regularly add new content for you to practice.

  • Prenatal Program

    24 items

    Hi Beautiful Mama and welcome to your prenatal movement & mindfulness journey.
    I created this program to support you and give you all the tools that you might need on your individual path into motherhood.

    I know this journey is not always easy, a rollercoaster of emotions filled with change, fe...

  • 7 Day Full Body Program

    7 items

    This is your 7-day Full Body program. Every day has been designed to work different muscle groups. These short 20-minute-sessions will ignite your body and work on your strength and cardio. Get ready and see you on the mat!