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Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga

Find your perfect vinyasa yoga flow. Vinyasa is a style of yoga that is defined by yoga postures that are linked together using conscious breath. That way you flow from one asana into another, just like a dance. This is perfect to get your heart rate going and work on your physical strength. Vinyasa can also help increase flexibility, stability and focus. From powerful to mindful vinyasa yoga - this is for beginners and intermediate practitioners.

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Vinyasa Yoga
  • 38 min Feel Good Yoga Flow with Verena (english)

    Yoga is the journey of the self, through itself, to itself. Join our gentle flow yoga online class now and learn how to become a happier person. Yoga strengthens your mental health and helps with anxiety. It makes you concentrate better and learn more efficiently. If you practice yoga frequently,...

  • 15min My Daily 16 #1 - Balancing Flow with Verena (english)

    Verena's Daily16 series is the best collection of online yoga classes, if you are short on time and still want to feel strong and fit in your body. This series of Asanas will improve your balance and strengthen your muscles.

  • 14min My Daily 16 #2 - Vinyasa Flow with Verena (english)

    14 minutes for yourself with this empowering Vinyasa Flow guided by Verena. Use this practice whenever you want to come back to a strong feeling in your body.

  • 17min My Daily 16 #3 - Feelgood Flow with Verena (english)

    Stay fit and strong and feel good within your body with this effective 17 minutes Yoga Flow by Verena. Move through a sequence of Yoga Asanas that will stretch and strengthen your muscles

  • 16min My Daily 16 #4 - Feel yourself with Verena (english)

    16 minutes to really feel yourself in this beautifully crafted Yoga Flow with Verena. Stretch and strengthen yourself and remove any feeling of stagnancy.

  • 19min My Daily 16 #6 - Centering Flow with Verena (english)

    Enjoy this short 20 minutes centering Flow video with Verena. You will strengthen your core, enjoy deep stretches and twists and challenge your balance. Your perfect class to do in your work breaks or whenever you need to come back to your center.

  • 17min My Daily 16 #5 - Yoga Flow with Verena (english)

    In this Daily16 video Verena guides you through an energising and strengthening Yoga flow. The exercises in this class will also challenge your balance and enable you to come into your center.

  • 33min Beginner Yoga Flow - with Verena (english)

    In this class you get a total head-to-toe body stretch, you will calm down, reduce stress and relax. During 60 minutes we will improve your range of motion and work on lengthening and flexibility. All levels welcome.

  • 30min Peak Pose Flow with Elisabeth (english)

    This is a peak pose class. The peak pose will be the "Standing Dancer" or "Standing Bow Pose". To prepare you, there will be a lot of heart-opening and balancing.

  • 30min Detox Yoga Flow with Antonina (english)

    In this Yoga sequence you will be practicing twists, that are stimulating and help us activate the detoxing process in our body. When we twist, we are squeezing and contracting the abdominal organs, kidneys and the liver. When coming out of our twist, fresh blood can flow into those areas.

  • 25min Energy Flow with Sophia (english)

    Flow slowly and gently into this practice with Sophia. Cultivate a happy mind with energizing movement and activating asanas.

  • 49 min Morning Yoga Flow with Sophia (english)

    Yoga in the morning will not only make you feel awake faster, your spine will thank you for it! Feel how your body warms up and you can slowly bring movement into stiff joints. Our online class combines a morning workout routine for wake up yoga that makes you feel full of energy, happy and peace...

  • 38 min Flexibility Flow with Antonina

    In this flexibility flow, Antonina will guide you through a vinyasa-based class consisting of stretching elements. You will be able to explore and break down certain asanas which will open up and mindfully create more space in the entire body. You’ll increase the range of motion, become more flex...

  • 29 min Lateral Lines Flow with Elisabeth (english)

    Join Elisabeth for 29 minutes Vinyasa Yoga Flow Class where you will work on your side lines. She will guide you through specific asanas that will help you stretch and strengthen your side body.

  • 24min Basic Vinyasa Flow with Antonina (english)

    The Vinyasa Yoga Flow encourages the students to synchronize the breath with the movements. This class is a step by step approach, systematically guiding you from one asana to the other and flow through the basic yoga asanas. Staying and breathing in the postures will enable you to built up muscl...

  • 20min Power Yoga Core with Elisabeth (english)

    In this power yoga sequence, Elisabeth focuses on boosting and therefore strengthening the core, which is often associated with the power and transformation center. By flowing through powerful vinyasa-based movements, you’ll activate the solar plexus chakra, hence receive a great portion of fiery...