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Mindful Body is a holistic body and mind workout experience. Strength, cardio, mobility and coordination exercises are deliberately synchronized with active meditations, mindful movement and prayers. To strengthen and relax your mind in a positive way, the Mindful Body teachers continuously remind you of your unshakeable superpowers that are existing within. Creating a beautiful and honest relationship to yourself and cultivating self-love are just a few of many beneficial facets of this empowering full body experience. This mindful workout weaves together fitness, movement and meditation.
Don't be distracted by the Teacher being the DJ as well, having the cellphone close to play music for an overall inspiring and motivating atmosphere.
Make sure to join our live online mindfulness sessions as well.

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  • MINDFUL BODY New Beginnings

    This life is yours. Open your heart for a new chapter. Everyday is an opportunity for a new beginning.

  • MINDFUL BODY Energy Flush

    Letting go of what feels stuck.

  • MINDFUL BODY Feel Into What Is

    Feel into everything that you are.

  • MINDFUL BODY Signature Meditation

    Join our MINDFUL BODY signature meditation.

  • MINDFUL BODY You Deserve It All

    This class is a reminder that you are worthy of everything you wish for and that you deserve it all.

  • MINDFUL BODY Patience

    We are not here to be perfect, we are here to learn, to heal, to grow ~
    choose to be patient with yourself.

  • MINDFUL BODY Rise and Energize

    Find the strength inside of you. Everything you wish for, you already have. Everything you want to become you already are.

  • MINDFUL BODY Acceptance

    Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Everything that is meant for you, will come at you. Accept - then act.

  • MINDFUL BODY Let It All Go

    In this class we want to free ourselves from all the expectations and pressure we put on ourselves and let go of everything that feels heavy on your heart.

  • MINDFUL BODY Guided Morning Meditation

    What an amazing way to start your day! Invest 10 minutes of your day and join Verena on this guided MINDFUL BODY Meditation Journey.

  • MINDFUL BODY *Trust*

    "Your happiness is the direct reflection of your trust into the universe and yourself." Join Clara in this 25min class and move your way back into trusting yourself and the universe.

  • MINDFUL BODY Energy Boost with Verena (english)

    Feel the energy sparking inside with a shorter version of our signature class Mindful Body. You can do this full body workout class whenever you need a litte pick me up. Join Verena for an amazing 20min Energy Boost!

  • MINDFUL BODY Feel Yourself

    Join Verena on this 30min journey and create change. Breathe, Move, FEEL.

  • Mindful Body with Nina

    Move, feel and connect in 60 minutes with Nina in this curated Mindful Body class. See you on the mat!

  • Mindful Body Confidence with Nina

  • 45 min Mindful Body Pre Natal with Verena

    I am so happy you made it to our MINDFUL BODY Prenatal Class!
    Especially designed for pregnant women. We want you to practice and feel safe the entire time.
    Here are some important things before you start: Always get cleared by your doctor or midwife before doing any kind of sport while pregnan...

  • Body Concept Image Movie

    Mindful Body has an holistic approach, which focuses on strengthening the entire body and its connection to the mind. Cardio, mobility and coordination exercises are deliberately synchronized with active meditations and prayers. To boost the mindset in a positive way, the Mindful Body teachers co...

  • Mindful Body - Self Love & Happiness with Verena (english)

    Mindful Body is a holistic body and mind workout experience. It combines the positive aspects of yoga such as balance and flexibility with meditation, yoga breathing, teaches of self respect, strength and forgiving yourself. We awaken the positive thoughts within you so you feel fitter, better an...

  • 70 min Mindful Body with Olivia (english)

    Join Olivia for another amazing Mindful Body Class.

  • Mindful Body - Release with Verena (english)

    Looking for mindful moments? We combine the best aspects of yoga, meditation and fitness in one class - Mindful Body. It's however much more. Through our bodies we can connect with our minds and work on deeper levels. Release withheld emotions and understand how strong and perfect you are. Join o...

  • Mindful Body - Inner Balance with Marietta (english)

    This 25 minute online workout class is part of the Mindful Body Mini Series. In a shorter version of our signature class you will be supported to find inner balance. The intention of this class is to create an equilibrium between the left and right side, the feminine and masculine quality within ...

  • Mindful Body with Clara (english)

  • 60min Mindful Body Soft with Verena (english)

    This class is a softer version of our Mindful Body Original. It is an online workout that allows you to soften into your body, mind and soul. Try to move however it feels good for you. We are only as strong as our weakest part, so try to start there today. Move from a place of love instead of a p...

  • Mindful Body - Inner Peace with Marietta (english)

    Join Marietta for the Mindful Body Mini Series. Short online mindfulness exercises help you to find peace. These 20 minutes invite you to slow down, reconnect, bring all the awareness inside and to listen to whatever is needed today.
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