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The YOGA FLOWS are athletic and vinyasa based classes to increase your physical and mental strength. You will tone your major muscles, improve your flexibility and calm your mind at the same time. Combining breath, physical movement and the practice of Yoga asanas, the YOGA FLOWS vary from Morning Yoga, Detox Flows, Backbend and Hip-opening Classes to many other dynamic and energizing sequences. Be ready to evolve, grow and transform! Our yoga teachers will guide you in a gentle but motivating way. Start your daily yoga practice now. Join us for our Online Yoga classes as well and practice yoga at home.

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  • 36min Yoga Stretching Fullbody with Antonina (english)

    This 36 minutes online yoga stretch for your whole body provides you with everything you need to work on your flexibility, mobility and to relax.
    By focussing on your breathing throughout the practice, you connect with yourself and find inner balance.

  • 26min Back Strengthening Yoga with Antonina (english)

  • 45min High on Yoga with Sara (english)

    Working with the breath as the healer and with the qualities of the water, this yoga session offers you soft stretches and flowing movements. Sara continuously reminds you to be curious and open to the arising sensations, thus getting in touch with your emotions, your thoughts and feelings. The y...

  • 49 min Morning Yoga Flow with Sophia (english)

    Yoga in the morning will not only make you feel awake faster, your spine will thank you for it! Feel how your body warms up and you can slowly bring movement into stiff joints. Our online class combines a morning workout routine for wake up yoga that makes you feel full of energy, happy and peace...

  • 25min Energy Flow with Sophia (english)

    Flow slowly and gently into this practice with Sophia. Cultivate a happy mind with energizing movement and activating asanas.

  • 20min Power Yoga Core with Elisabeth (english)

    In this power yoga sequence, Elisabeth focuses on boosting and therefore strengthening the core, which is often associated with the power and transformation center. By flowing through powerful vinyasa-based movements, you’ll activate the solar plexus chakra, hence receive a great portion of fiery...

  • 30min Peak Pose Flow with Elisabeth (english)

    This is a peak pose class. The peak pose will be the "Standing Dancer" or "Standing Bow Pose". To prepare you, there will be a lot of heart-opening and balancing.

  • 30min Detox Yoga Flow with Antonina (english)

    In this Yoga sequence you will be practicing twists, that are stimulating and help us activate the detoxing process in our body. When we twist, we are squeezing and contracting the abdominal organs, kidneys and the liver. When coming out of our twist, fresh blood can flow into those areas.