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  • Mindful Body - Move without judgement with Clara (29.06.23 - english)

    This 70 minutes Mindful Body class connects your mind, body and soul. It will support you to allow yourself to listen and feel. The intention for this class is to move with no judgement. This means that you take a break whenever you need, move in a way that feels good, breathe whenever you wanna ...

  • Mindful Body - Letting Go with Clara (15.06.23 - english)

    70 minutes Mindful Body class. This is our signature class that combines a full body workout with mindful movements and breaks to check in with yourself, with what feels good. Close your eyes as often as possible to let go of what is happening around you and just stay within your own energy.

  • Mindful Body - Feel into it with Clara (08.06.23 - english)

    Our signature class Mindful Body is a Full Body Mindfulness practice that gives you the space to take whatever you need. Move slow if you need to, take breaks whenever you want. Breath and feel what arises, in the physical, mental and within your heart.

  • Mindful Body - Get unstuck with Clara (01.06.23 - english)

    70 minutes Mindful Body Class - a gift to yourself. You will be moving for one whole song. It is a physical workout that supports you to move into your heart. Feel and listen what's going on inside. Make this workout whatever you need. The intention for this class is to get unstuck and move the e...

  • Mindful Body -What's inside of you with Clara (11.05.2023 - english)

    START AT: [1:45]
    Mindful Body is a physical workout but it is also your opportunity to connect with your mind and soul, to find out what is going on inside of you. The intention here is to connect and feel. Remember that this is your class. Do what feels good within yourself. Take as many breaks ...

  • Mindful Body - Be curious with Clara (20.04.23 - english)

    70 minutes Mindful Body is a physical workout that connects you to your body, your mind and your soul. All exercises are repeated for one whole song so you can really drop into the movement and observe what is coming up.
    This Mindfulness Workout is a possibility to find out what is going on in y...

  • Mindful Body - Find Inner Energy with Clara (13.04.23 - english)

    In this 70 minutes Mindful Body class you will move the way it feels good for you. Let it be a fullbody workout, sweat, dance and feel yourself but let it also be a mental workout where you observe your thoughts, stretch your limits and find expansion in your practice. The intention of this class...

  • Mindful Body - Possibility to Connect with Clara (06.04.23 - english)

    This is a 75 minutes Mindful Body class with Clara that gives you the possibility to connect. It is an invitation to go inward and concentrate only on yourself. This class will be a physical full body workout but it will also be a workout for the mind and your heart. Use this space to listen to w...

  • Mindful Body - Be with yourself with Clara (english)

    START AT: [05:45]
    Center yourself, feel into what you need and let the movements and the whole practice be a nourishment for your body and soul. Mindful Body is a HIIT class but it's not only a physical workout but one for your mind as well.

  • Mindful Body - Be curious with Clara (english)

    The main ingredient in Mindful Body is to stay with yourself and listen. Listen to your thoughts, listen to what emotions come up and concentrate on yourself. It is a full body workout that includes balance, strength, flexibility, high intensity movements and meditation.

  • Mindful Body with Clara (16.03.23 - english)

    This class is about getting to know yourself and offers the opportunity to release and let go of feelings and emotions that often cannot be expressed in daily life.

  • Mindful Body Reconnection with Clara (23.03.23 - english)

    This is an invitation to be curious with yourself. See what happens inside of you and what thoughts come up when it gets hard in your movement practice. You will be guided through exercises that help tighten the body, define your muscles, allow you to sweat and become a leaner overall self.

  • 25min MINDFUL BODY *Trust* with Clara (english)

    "Your happiness is the direct reflection of your trust into the universe and yourself." Join Clara in this 25min class and move your way back into trusting yourself and the universe.

  • 65min Mindful Body - with Clara (english)

  • 60min Mindful Body with Clara (english)

    Move with Clara in this Mindful Body class. The intention for this practice is JOY. Remember to move in your own pace and listen to your body. Always take care of yourself. You'll find the joy inside of you.