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Movement is for everyONE and everyBODY! Whether you are young or in your golden age, overweight or skinny, complete beginner or super-advanced these classes enliven and strengthen the physical body and calm the mind at the same time. You will connect your body with your mind and breath. Have fun practicing and feel confident, relaxed and happy within your own beautiful Self. This collection is every beginner's dream. You will find: barre workout for beginners, Kundalini yoga for beginners, vinyasa yoga for beginners, pilates for beginners and much more. Start to explore new ways to move your body now.

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  • 21min Morning Yoga Energy Flow - with Antonina (english)

    This 21 minute Energy Flow is all about activating and freeing the body from any dragging, tired and fatigue sensation. Moving and stretching in all the directions possible refreshes the body on the physical and mental level. Be ready to connect with yourself, to boost your mood, feeling recharge...

  • 30 Min Barre Full Body with Alyssa (english)

    Your 30 minutes Full Body Barre workout no stay lean and fit. You will need a chair, a pilates ball and optionally you can use your preferred amount of weights.

  • 35 min Beginner Relax Yoga with Verena (english)

  • 60min Mindful Body Soft with Verena (english)

    This class is a softer version of our Mindful Body Original. It is an online workout that allows you to soften into your body, mind and soul. Try to move however it feels good for you. We are only as strong as our weakest part, so try to start there today. Move from a place of love instead of a p...

  • 22min MINDFUL BODY Let It All Go - with Petra (english)

    In this class we want to free ourselves from all the expectations and pressure we put on ourselves and let go of everything that feels heavy on your heart.

  • 65min Foundations of Yoga - with Michael (english)

  • 25min Instant Relax Meditation & Gong Bath with Zisana (english)

    Zisana invites you to find, activate and connect with your inner peace which is directly related to your breath. The active mediation at the beginning of the class is combined with a special pranayama breathing technique. It will warm up the body from the inside out, hence allows the body to open...

  • 26min Beginner Fullbody Workout with Verena (english)

    You want to build more muscles, increase your strength and have greater flexibility? Then this full body workout at home is just perfect for you. You don't have to be super fit to participate - we just start and increase the requirements slowly - let Verena guide you! With our full body exercises...

  • 19min MINDFUL BODY Acceptance - with Petra (english)

    Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Everything that is meant for you, will come at you. Accept - then act. This is the intention of this 19min Mindful Body class. Explore your feelings and the needs of your body in the moment of moving. With exercises that tar...

  • 10min MINDFUL BODY Guided Morning Meditation - with Verena (english)

    What an amazing way to start your day! Invest 10 minutes of your day and join Verena on this guided MINDFUL BODY Meditation Journey.

  • 33min Beginner Yoga Flow - with Verena (english)

    In this class you get a total head-to-toe body stretch, you will calm down, reduce stress and relax. During 60 minutes we will improve your range of motion and work on lengthening and flexibility. All levels welcome.

  • 33min Pilates Abs & Glutes Focus - with Ulrike (english)

    This 33 minutes Pilates sequence has its focus on glutes and abs. Up to you, practice it once during the day, to wake up in the morning or as a balance to your working day in the evening. Wanna take a challenge? Then go for working it twice in a row and get the full effect of a dynamic workout.

  • 26min Kundalini Yoga Wake Up Set - with Kathrin (english)

    This is the perfect Kundalini practice to being your day. The navel center controls the entire pranic system. When the navel is balanced and energized, the entire system comes into balance. This short and energizing Kriya does just that….it brings your entire system into balance. Consider startin...

  • 20min Morning Yoga Wake Up Flow - with Antonina (english)

    This "wake up flow“ is a great opportunity to get the day started, feeling your absolute best. Adding these yoga movements to your daily routine is an incredible way to set positive intentions for whatever comes along and is ahead. Be ready to energize the body, to refresh the mind and lift up th...

  • 25min Gong Bath for Relaxation with Zisana (english)

    Zisana starts the Gong bath meditation with a tranquil breathing exercise. By activating the Gong, she continuous to take you on a magical and relaxing journey through healing sounds. The radiating healing vibrations stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing the body to immerse into ...

  • 14min Focus Shavasana with Verena (english)

    Savasana also called corpse pose is an active meditative posture, in which you lie on your back inviting calmness and total relaxation into your entire system. Make yourself comfortable on your mat and follow Verena’s verbal scan through your body which gently leads to a soothed body and a settle...

  • 22min MINDFUL BODY Patience - with Mona (english)

    We are not here to be perfect, we are here to learn, to heal, to grow ~
    choose to be patient with yourself. Our signature class Mindful Body combines aspects of yoga, meditation, Hiit workout and mindfulness movement, This class is perfect if you want to connect with yourself, feel your physical ...

  • 21min Mindful Body Confidence - with Nina (english)

  • 23min Kundalini Yoga Meditation for Clarity & Alignment - with Kathrin (english)

    The emotional scale is large and expansive and has all of the human emotions on it. You're not always going to be in the love, bliss and abundant high vibrational emotions, but finding ways to slow down and center yourself allows you to send love to those lower vibrational emotions, heal the root...

  • 29 min Lateral Lines Flow with Elisabeth (english)

    Join Elisabeth for 29 minutes Vinyasa Yoga Flow Class where you will work on your side lines. She will guide you through specific asanas that will help you stretch and strengthen your side body.

  • 27min Mindful Body - Self Love & Happiness with Verena (english)

    Mindful Body is a holistic body and mind workout experience. It combines the positive aspects of yoga such as balance and flexibility with meditation, yoga breathing, teaches of self respect, strength and forgiving yourself. We awaken the positive thoughts within you so you feel fitter, better an...

  • 15 min Focus Fullbody Stretching with Verena (english)

    Whether you are looking for lower back stretches, neck excercises, shoulder stretches or flexibility exercises: This fullbody stretching workout leaves nothing to be desired. Included yoga for flexibility makes the dynamic stretching lesson even more powerful! From leg, forearm and upper body str...

  • 7 min Asana Breakdown Tree Pose & Toe Stand with Antonina (english)

    In this Asana Breakdown, Antonina will show you how to get safely into the advanced yoga postures VRKSASANA & PADANGUSTHASANA, Tree Pose & Toestand. She will break down the asanas with a step by step approach, verbally guiding you through proper physical alignments, starting at the setup further...

  • 14min The Art of Relaxation with Michael (english)

    Michael guides you into an exploration of the art of relaxation. If you can't relax, it starts to effect your sleep. Sleep is important for the body to heal and rejuvenate. So let's just lay down in the bed, get comfortable and be guided by Michael's Body scan that is influenced by Yoga Nidra.