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45-75 Minutes

45-75 Minutes

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45-75 Minutes
  • Morning Yoga Routine with (30.06 - english)

    As always, our Morning Yoga classes allow you to slowly get into your movement practice. Gently awaken your energy, your body and your mind. Props for this class: If you have, prepare two yoga blocks to support you in certain postures.

  • Peaceful Yoga Therapy with Michael (24.06 - english)

    In this class you'll be able to release physical stress and tensions, improve your mobility and range of motion and increase your focus and attention. The class is accessible to everyone.

  • Full Body Yoga Stretching with Antonina (29.06.21 - english)

    In the Yoga Stretching class you will start slowly and gently. Take your time to fully arrive on your mat and become present. Stretch your entire body and awaken your energy within. Your body and mind will thank you for it. Props you will need: two blocks.

  • Pilates Mat - Starkes Powerhouse. mit Veronika (29.06.21 - deutsch)

    Ein Pilates Training für den ganzen Körper mit Fokus auf der tieferliegenden Muskulatur und dem Powerhouse. Die Stärkung der Bauchmuskulatur geht zugleich mit der Stärkung der Rückenmuskulatur einher. Props die du brauchen wirst: Softball, wenn du hast, Pilates Ring oder alternativ einen Gürtel.

  • Full Body Cardio and Barre with Alyssa (29.06.21 - english)

    Start with Cardio and then move to an upper body workout supported by weights, some practices for the lower body done at the Barre before coming back to the mat for some ab work and a final stretching sequence.

  • Stretching meets Atmung mit Veronika (28.06.21 - deutsch)

    Veronika legt in ihren Klassen großen Fokus auf die bewusste Atmung um in eine tiefere Entspannung zu kommen, das Nervensystem zu stabilisieren und die Muskeln leichter zu entspannen. Für diese Klasse bereite dir gerne zwei Yoga Blöcke oder alternativ dicke Handtücher vor. Außerdem brauchst du ei...

  • Strong Power Yoga with Antonina (24.06.21 - english)

    Start with introspection and setting an intention to slowly get into the practice. You will then be guided into a more powerful flow. In this class Antonina gives you the option to work with weights. If you don't have some, you can grab something similar to it like bottles of water. You decide ho...

  • Easy Morning Yoga mit Elisabeth (24.06.21 - deutsch)

    Starte aktiviert und inspiriert in deinen Tag mit dieser Sequenz von Morning Yoga Asanas für alle Levels. Du wirst deinen Körper gemeinsam mit Elisabeth gemütlich aufwärmen und dann in einen Flow übergehen. Falls du einen Yogagurt oder Yogablock hast, bereite diesen gerne für die Klasse vor. Alte...

  • Refreshing Morning Yoga with Antonina (23.06.21 - english)

    This class enables you to activate the entire body from head to toe and from the inside out. Antonina will gently guide you through each step. Prepare two blocks for this class.

  • Energizing Power Yoga mit Elisabeth (20.06.21- deutsch)

    Komm langsam bei dir und in dieser Practice an und beweg dich dann in eine dynamische Sequenz an Power Yoga, die dir definitiv einheizen wird.

  • Gentle Yoga Stretching with Antonina (19.06 - english)

    The perfect combination of gentle stretches for your muscles weaved into a sequence of yoga asanas. This helps you to move into or remain in a positive mental attitude.

  • Deep Muscle Shaping Warrior Flow with Marie (19.06 - english)

    This class focusses on some deeper muscles and is defined by the repetition of the movement. This helps you to get the energy moving and your sweat on.

  • Intentional Mindful Body with Ramona (19.06.21 - english)

    This class is a sweaty, full body workout for body, mind, heart and soul. Use your breath to stay present with yourself and move in a way that feels good for you. Be gentle in your practice.

  • Yoga Stretching - Release Tension with Antonina (18.06 - english)

    Getting into nice stretching poses will ease any physical tensions and leaves you feeling lighter and more relaxed. If you want, prepare two yoga blocks for this practice.

  • Detox Morning Yoga Flow with Antonina (18.06 - english)

    This class is a very invigorating and energizing practice, incorporating lots of twist positions. If you want support in any posture, make sure to prepare two yoga blocks.

  • Invigorating Mindful Body with Nina (18.06 - english)

    This class is a Hiit cardio workout for the body and the mind. Dig a little bit deeper into your feelings and emotions. Listen to what movements your body needs. Take a break whenever you need and just breathe into the moment. There will be modifications for every exercise.

  • Morning Yoga mit Elisabeth (17.06 - german)

    Spür in deinen Körper und nimm deine Gedanken wahr um zu schauen, wo du gerade stehst. Lass diese Morning Yoga Flow Sequenz eine Einladung sein, dich auf einen Zustand von Annahme, Ehrlichkeit und Wertfreiheit einzulassen.

  • Yoga Therapy for Stillness with Antonina (17.06 - english)

    In this Yoga Therapy class you will be holding the asana postures for a longer time instead of flowing through them. This enables your body to fully arrive there and reap all the benefits. Arrive in stillness of your body and the mind at the same time.

  • Dancing Yoga mit Sophia (17.06 - deutsch)

    Dancing Yoga verbindet Yoga und Tanz. Du wirst mit einem Warmup starten und in der Mitte der Klasse gemeinsam mit Sophia eine einfache Choreografie lernen. Es werden diverse Yoga Asanas mit Musik verbunden. All levels Welcome.

  • Easy Morning Yoga Flow with Antonina (16.06 - english)

    Starting with a gentle warmup gives you the possibility to fully arrive in your body and this practice. You'll then slowly move into more dynamic and energizing asanas following a vinyasa sequence.
    For this practice you are going to use two yoga blocks to support certain postures.

  • Mindful Body - Choices with Marietta (11.06.21 - english)

    [START AT: 5:50]
    You always have a choice!
    This class is an invitation to move gently, honoring the body. Use the modifications on purpose to create more space to notice what you are doing and why you are doing it.

  • Yoga Stretching - Release with Elisabeth [13.06.21 - english)

    [START AT: 0:30]
    Release and ease into this Stretching class. Get rid of the monkey mind.

  • Barre Mat with Alyssa (12.03.21 - english)

    [START AT: 23:35]
    We start the class by warming up the body. Move through a series of Barre Mat exercises. If you have you can use weights and a ball for this class.

  • Stretching mit Veronika (27.05.21 - english)

    [START AT: 1:45]
    Zum Ankommen nehmen wir gemeinsam ein paar tiefe Atemzüge. Bewusste Atmung ist ein zentraler Punk in Veronika's Klassen. Die darauffolgende Sequenz versorgt dich mit deiner täglichen Dosis an Flexibilität und Mobilität.