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25-45 Minutes

25-45 Minutes

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25-45 Minutes
  • Revitalizing Mindful Body with Marietta (16.06. english)

    Move your energy and feel yourself in your body. This class will guide you to your center and connects you with you essence.

  • GONG BATH for Calm Mind & Focus

    This simple meditation will help you to relax and focus. We integrate the breath and use it as our most potent tool. For the Gong Bath, it is preferable to use ear plugs, find a comfortable position, you may lie down on you back and let the sound touch every cell. Breath. And let it all flow.

  • MINDFUL BODY Feel Into What Is

    Feel into everything that you are.

  • MINDFUL BODY *Trust*

    "Your happiness is the direct reflection of your trust into the universe and yourself." Join Clara in this 25min class and move your way back into trusting yourself and the universe.

  • MINDFUL BODY Feel Yourself

    Join Verena on this 30min journey and create change. Breathe, Move, FEEL.

  • 29 min Lateral Lines Flow with Elisabeth

  • Barre Arms & Legs with Alyssa (english)

    Alyssa guides you through a powerful full body barre session, including isometric movements, low-impact and cardio exercises. It will strengthen, tone and definitely sculpt the major muscle groups of your body, especially of your arms and legs. Feel your heart rate rising, the calories burning an...

  • Mindful Body - Release with Verena (english)

    Looking for mindful moments? We combine the best aspects of yoga, meditation and fitness in one class - Mindful Body. It's however much more. Through our bodies we can connect with our minds and work on deeper levels. Release withheld emotions and understand how strong and perfect you are. Join o...

  • Mindful Body - Balance with Marietta (english)

  • 30 Min Barre No Equipment with Alyssa (english)

  • Mindful Body - Self Love & Happiness with Verena (english)

    Mindful Body is a holistic body and mind workout experience. It combines the positive aspects of yoga such as balance and flexibility with meditation, yoga breathing, teaches of self respect, strength and forgiving yourself. We awaken the positive thoughts within you so you feel fitter, better an...

  • 35 Min Pilates with Julia (english)

    Starting with a breathing exercise this class helps you to activate your powerhouse. You'll then be guided through some detailed practices to mobilize different body parts and increase the awareness of the importance of an active core in Pilates. With Julia's guidance you can be sure to work thro...

  • 30 Min Barre Full Body with Alyssa (english)

  • 35 min Beginner Relax Yoga with Verena (english)

  • 30min Body Shape Full Body with Conny (deutsch)

    Diese BodyShape Klasse führt dich mit gezielten Bewegungen zu einem straffen und definiertem Körpergefühl. Durch einen sanften Bewegungsaufbau, aktivierst du deinen gesamten Körper, kräftigst deine Muskulatur und bekommst neue Energie.

    Volle Spannung
    gezielten Übungen
    vielfältiges, aber auch ans...

  • 35 min Body Shape Cardio with Conny (german)

  • 35min Body Shape Full Body with Conny (english)

    Start this practice with a warmup to create heat in your body and energize your muscles. By using your own body weight you'll activate the whole body. Let's get the heart pumping and sweat it our together.

  • 43 min Morning Yoga Flow with Antonina (english)

    Get into a new morning routine by energizing your body with the right movement. Antonina will guide you through an energizing morning yoga flow. If you want prepare two blocks for this practice.

  • 40 min Yin Meridian Therapy Neck & Shoulder Release with Michael (english)

  • Beginner Fullbody Workout with Verena (english)

    You want to build more muscles, increase your strength and have greater flexibility? Then this full body workout at home is just perfect for you. You don't have to be super fit to participate - we just start and increase the requirements slowly - let Verena guide you! With our full body exercises...

  • 38 min Feel Good Yoga Flow with Verena (english)

    Yoga is the journey of the self, through itself, to itself. Join our gentle flow yoga online class now and learn how to become a happier person. Yoga strengthens your mental health and helps with anxiety. It makes you concentrate better and learn more efficiently. If you practice yoga frequently,...

  • 35min Budokon Basics One - Awakening with Elisabeth (english)

    For an even deeper experience, you may open the following link, which will lead you to a beautiful compilation of tracks. The yoga flow will be in sync with breath, sound and movement.

  • 30min Barre Full Body with Alyssa (english)

    Alyssas 30 minutes Barre class is a full-body workout. The short and sweet sequence of isometric movements, low-impact and cardio exercises will strengthen, tone and definitely sculpt your major muscle groups. The fast pace of the class will increase the heart rate and burn calories not only duri...

  • 40min Gong Bath with Anja (english)

    The healing journey through sound starts with a grounding meditation. Anja creates a comfort zone, allowing the body and mind to soothe and soften down into the supporting surface. As she hits the Gong, radiating healing vibrations of sounds start to induce feelings of relaxation and ease in the ...